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Solution - Blacklist to Whitelist Key Patch

KASPERSKY Solution - Blacklist to Whitelist Key Patch (KAV/KIS)

This patch makes all the blocked kaspersky licenses to work,
change the key(s) from blacklist to whitelist key(s) !!!

It also protects them from blacklisting.

The "black.lst" file that is updated from kaspersky update will not be a problem anymore !!!

How to install :

1. Before applying the patch go to kaspersky-Settings-Service
and dissable Self-Defence option

2. Delete Any current key you install in kaspersky

3. Exit kaspersky by right click in the taskbar menu.

4. copy patch in to kapsersky lab folder C:\Program Files\Kaspersky Lab

5. Press Clean Button

6. Then click to Patch Kaspersky Internet security or Kaspersky Antivirus
(depends on what is the version you installed in your computer KIS or KAV)

7. Then exit the patch and Open kaspersky,enable self-defense option and apply a new key.

Thats all. It's doesn't Matter that key is blacklist or white list.........Enjoy
NOTE: this patch has been already checked & IT'S CLEAN !!!

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