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Download Windows.Server.2008


Popis / Overview:

This is how you activate your Windows Server 2008 copy (any version/language):

* After installing Windows Server 2008 to your computer, click Start -> Run
and type Services (or go to Start -> Program -> Admin tools and choose services
from there). Go to Services->Software Licensing and choose "Disabled" as Startup method.

* Reboot your computer, when rebooted, go to
and delete the file there, replacing it with the one from this package.
Yet again, go to Services->Software Licensing and choose "Automatic" as Startup method.

* Run the vistaactivation.exe file (as included), activate your computer as if it was
running Vista Ultimate. (Should any errors occur, just neglect them.) Restart your

* After reboot, Windows Server 2008 will now ask for a cd-key, use the following one:
xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx - wait a few minutes it for it to activate, et voila!
Now you've got a activated Windows Server 2008 version.

So what's the downside with all this? The computer is semi-recognized as Vista Ultimate
now, but server roles should still apply as if they were part of the Server 2008 version.

Enjoy your activated Windows Server 2008 copy, if you like this product, you should buy it.
Thanks to T** for this crack.

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