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ConvertHQ. Your audio & video conversion headquarters

Your complete audio and video conversion solution. Converts to more formats than any other converter, including iPod, PSP, MPG2, MPG4, WMV, DivX, Xvid, OGG, MKV, 3GPP and more.

Current version: v1.1.1.1
Trial version of ConvertHQ is approximately 30MB

ConvertHQ is your complete audio & video conversion utility. It converts files to all popular audio & video file formats - for your computer, portable media player, mobile phone, digital media appliance, games console and more. If you need to convert an audio or video file, then ConvertHQ is the perfect choice!

ConvertHQ is optimized for high-quality conversions, yet has easy-to-use presets for each file format so you do not have to be an audio/video expert to create great-looking, great-sounding files! Just select your file and the file format to convert to. Then click Start and that's it!

ConvertHQ converts files into formats that you use everyday.

ConvertHQ can create files for all popular portable media players (iPod, Zune, PSP, Nintendo DS), mobile phones, PS3, Xbox 360, digital media appliances and much more. In fact, ConvertHQ has among the most comprehensive file format support of all audio & converters available today!

Perfect for home users. Even better for digital geeks.

ConvertHQ has been designed for home users in mind. Just select High, Medium or Low settings when converting and great-looking, great-sounding files will be generated every time. You don't need to understand terms like bitrate, sample rate, frame rate, GOP, QCIF, etc. ConvertHQ looks after it for you.

A great timesaver is the ability to convert complete folders of files in just one click. Some conversions can take a long time, so ConvertHQ lets you schedule your conversions for a later time when its convenient.

If you are familiar with audio & video, then you will find ConvertHQ to be a must-have utility. Using ConvertHQ's custom settings, you can adjust all audio and video parameters so that you get exactly the file that you need. You are in full control with ConvertHQ!

You have two choices with ConvertHQ

Two editions of ConvertHQ are available - ConvertHQ Premium and ConvertHQ. ConvertHQ Premium is the professional edition that supports all popular formats. Its superior support will mean that you will have a converter for your current and future needs. ConvertHQ contains the same features as ConvertHQ Premium but supports just the common formats at an affordable price.

Click here to view the side-by-side comparison chart to decide which edition matches your needs.

System Requirements for ConvertHQ Premium and ConvertHQ

Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000

Minimum of 512MB RAM

Minimum of 50MB free hard disk space

Minimum of 1024x768, 24 bit resolution display

QuickTime Player installed (recommended)

RealTime Player installed (recommended)

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