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AudioCommander v4.0-L33T3R

Commander Audio v4.0

AudioCommander is a fast and highly configurable command-line and interface converter, encoder, and decoder for nearly all conceivable audio formats. Settings are provided for bitrate, frequency, channels, and more. Convert from CD,WAV,MP3,WMA,OGG,AAC,AC3,AMR,3GP,AIFF,AU,VOX,RAW,GSM, ADPCM,A-LAW,u-LAW,g726,g721,g723,MPC,MP+,MOV,QT,AVI audio MP3,WMA,WAV,OGG,AAC,AC3,AMR,AIFF,ADPCM,A-LAW,u-LAW,DSP,GSM or VOX with ease.

AudioCommander can also be used to change the compression for supported formats; for example,compressing a 320 kbps MP3 to 128 kbps for use in a hardware device that requires a specific setting or does not support the higher bitrates.The comprehensive range of supported formats makes the software very flexible, and provides a complete solution for conversion of most any audio file desired.AudioCommander offers an extensive array of settings and command-line switches for complete control over how the software functions.

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