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Radar 9.0 - Homeopathy Medical Medicine software

Radar 9.0 - Homeopathy Medical Medicine software

Radar 9.0 - Homeopathy Medical Medicine software | ISO | 500 MB

RADAR set the standard for homeopathy software, and now the best is even better. The arrival of RADAR 9 brings major new features and a host of streamlined advances that take homeoapthic software to a new level of excellence!

New Repertories

The foundation of RADAR 9 is the new Synthesis 9 database. It's one of 20 new repertory databases you can access with the program - along with the highly respected Complete Millennium and Complete Universale. And now you have the ability to search through all Repertories simultaneously.

This means, for the first time ever you can combine vital information from Synthesis and The Complete. Already homeopaths who have been testing the beta versions in their practice are reporting increased success through using these two repertories together - solving cases that they weren't able to before.

Outstanding Usability

With RADAR 9, you can now find synonymous or related rubrics directly from the repertorization chart. In fact, the whole program has gone through a dramatic usability enhancement.

Operations that required several screens in previous versions are now available to you from just one place, with a single click. You can even get immediate tool tip help with a simple touch of your mouse.

Your searches now return results even faster than before, and the user interface is beautifully improved with new Analysis graphs and Clipboard windows.

In fact, the program now offers total integration between Clipboard and Analysis. And Analysis is even further expanded by the addition of Families, Miasmatic, Boenninghausen's Concordances and Relationship of Remedy functions.

Radar 9 comes with new functions for analyzing a case, with emphasis on families. You can quickly check for an analysis by family, in stead of by remedy, find the related remedies.

Now you are able to find books & articles written by the author of your choice. For the first time, with this version.

Is a powerful data bank system and tool that supports your homeopathic work with valuable and instructive information about the patient. It is the complete management of the patient.

The Vithoulkas Expert System (VES) considers all the rules that an expert homeopath uses, in a most balanced way, without the fear of omitting even a single possibility.

Paul Herscue assists the homeopath, via messages and suggestions to arrange the patient’s symptoms into the circle of basic ideas. This analysis shows the remedies most prominently present in all basic ideas and is therefore most relevant to the patient’s case.

You have the option of seeing various disease photographs and even listen to the sound clips of a number of diseases like cough and respiratory sounds of the patient. You can even hear lectures of World Renowned Homeopaths on various remedies with Picture clips.

Synthesis is the standard Repertory of contemporary homeopaths throughout the world. Each new edition brings more additions, improves the quality of the information and comes with cutting edge innovations.
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